Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass
Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

The number of people who are trying to stay fit and healthy has been increasing in recent years. However, it is not easy for everyone to gain weight. Some people, no matter how hard they try, how much they eat, cannot seem to gain even an ounce. In such a situation, a weight gainer might be necessary.

Since a person who’s trying to gain weight needs a greater intake of calories, Serious mass, a very high calorie weight gaining supplement is perhaps the best choice for them. So, if you’re a hard gainer or an ectomorph looking to bulk up, the following Serious Mass reviews can help you decide why this supplement is the answer to all your weight related issues.

What is Serious Mass?

Serious Mass is a weight gain formula. With 1250 calories per serving and 50 grams of protein for muscle recovery, this is the ideal post-workout and between meals shake for reaching your target weight goals.

It is perhaps one of Optimum Nutrition’s most successful products, which intends to promote an increase in lean muscle mass and weight. Overflowing with calories, proteins and carbs, as well as other muscle building materials, the supplement provides great value for money.

What does it contain?

The key ingredients of the product are:
• Proteins (50g): It contains a combination of quality, fast- acting and slow-acting proteins. Whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, and egg albumen are some of the major proteins used in the mix.
• Carbs (25g): The main carb is Maltodextrin, which is a sugar that is a fast absorber of carb and helps facilitate weight gain.
• Creatine (1g): The dosage of Creatine is very low;however, it can be increased by taking it separately.
• Glutamine and Glutamine Peptides: This helps in protein metabolism and cell volumization.
• Choline and Inositol have been added to optimize each strength-training workout while a complete vitamin and mineral profile insures your body gets the balanced nutrition it needs.

How to use Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

Most people, who use Serious Mass, have one thing to say about it in its reviews; everything about it is big: from the packaging to the serving size to the results. It is packed with 1250 calories, 252g of carbs and 50g of proteins per serving in 334g/serving. This clearly shows that you will get a lot of carbs when you start the intake of this product. But then again, if your goal is to increase weight, then increasing your carbs intake is the best way to do it. However, people who are looking to add more protein could also add some protein-rich items in the mixture.
Serious Mass is available in four flavors i.e., Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana and Strawberry. All four flavors are very good so one can choose any of them depending on their personal preferences.

One important thing that you must keep in mind is that, due to the huge serving size, a blender is perhaps the best way to mix up the powder to get an ideal mixture and to avoid clumps. So make sure you own a blender if you buy the product andmake certain that you mix it well.

Sohow much of the product needs to be consumed every day? Well there is no one answer to this question. There are many different ways of consuming Serious Mass. It all depends on you and your weight goals.

The best way to decide is to ask for a doctor’s recommendation or follow the recommended servings/serving size on the bag. Most people take the product as part of their breakfast, sometimes during lunch, or in-between meals or post workout. Half a serving a day, usually split up into two separate servings suffices both calorie and mixing needs.However if you take half a serving then you must increase your protein consumption through an alternative to make up for it. The carb intake can help you feel energized throughout the day and even help you give the energy for your workout sessions. It is recommended to take the daily serving post-workout.

If you want to add more additional calories to your shake it is recommend that you put in one of the following (granola, chocolate chips, peanut butter, almonds, peanuts, ice cream, whole milk, coconut, flaxseed oil, oat bran, banana, honey, and molasses). Not all at the same time of course, but you can find something that taste right for you.
A combination of Serious Mass, workout and eating healthy food is reportedly one of the most effective ways of gaining weight. People report that they had the desired results in as early as a week.

What are some of the side effects of Serious Mass?

One of the major side effects is fat gain. Due to the 1250 calories per serving, if you continue eating other fat enriched food without burning the excess calories through work out it can result in fat gain. You might feel bloated and constantly feel full and sometimes this might be uncomfortable for you. So in addition to taking the supplement you must start working out which can also help promote muscle gain.


Gaining weight is often seen as a simple concept, you consume more calories and then you burn them. However, it is not so simple for many who have a high metabolism. This is why Serious Mass can be very helpful. Such weight gainers have high level of protein and carbohydrates, so that the user can get the necessary calories he needs. Therefore, once you have decided the amount of mass you want to gain, the supplement can help you reach that goal.
Serious Mass is a good product for those looking for an increase in calorie intake, bulking up or keeping on weight. However, nothing can replace eating real food, but this is a good supplement for when you do not feel like eating. So even with some downsides, the product is a very good option.
However, before starting the supplement regimen do consult a doctor and carefully read any and all labels on the supplement you plan on using.

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